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What is the Worth Listening Podcast?
In short, it’s a podcast about all things money! Our guests are millennials and professional athletes because what better way to learn than from peers in a similar situation.

Host Lauryn Williams, financial planner and Olympian leads in-depth conversations with guests, having them share what she calls their "money memoir" to offer insight into how money works in their sport or profession.

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Dec 25, 2018

What a year it has been! This was my first year podcasting and we've gotten great feedback on the episodes, so a HUGE thank you to all the Worth Listening listeners and guests! My original goal was to have a new podcast every other week, but it turned into a weekly podcast. I interviewed millennials with amazing...

Dec 18, 2018

Today’s guest is Claudia Steer. Claudia immigrated to the United States from London when she was just a teenager. Coming from what would be similar to the projects over in London, Claudia grew up with a scarcity mindset that impacted her life for many years.

She took the long road to the corporate world but...

Dec 11, 2018

Today’s guest is Tela Holcomb. Let’s cut right to the chase, Tela retired at the age of 29! It didn’t happen because she was born into money, won the lotto, or took any other shortcut.

She reached that point through educating herself on the stock market and trading.

Tela is an Air Force Veteran that joined the...

Dec 4, 2018

Today’s guest is Malcolm Lemmons. Malcolm was a professional basketball player that played overseas before transitioning to life as an entrepreneur. The time he spent overseas showed him the importance of athletes having a plan to transition to life after sports because there are very few athletes that aren’t going...