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What is the Worth Listening Podcast?
In short, it’s a podcast about all things money! Our guests are millennials and professional athletes because what better way to learn than from peers in a similar situation.

Host Lauryn Williams, financial planner and Olympian leads in-depth conversations with guests, having them share what she calls their "money memoir" to offer insight into how money works in their sport or profession.

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Jun 6, 2023

The Worth Listening podcast is excited to get back to sharing money memoirs. Listening to the money stories of others allows us to learn from the experience and unique perspectives of others. Sean Johnson-Sippial joins host Lauryn Williams on the podcast to share his money memoir. 

Sean is a self-proclaimed Bitcoin evangelist who found Bitcoin in 2016 and hasn’t looked back.

In this episode, Lauryn and Sean talk about:

  • The common theme of entrepreneurship that ran throughout his childhood

  • His drive to keep his money and the importance of delayed gratification

  • How he fell into Bitcoin as it was emerging

  • What Bitcoin is and how it started

  • The risk tolerance of Bitcoin and how it compares with other investments

  • The importance of having an investment thesis

  • Why he’s choosing to focus on Bitcoin in the current economic climate

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You can further connect with Sean on Twitter: @stakamoto21

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